About Us

Who We Are

Dilis Fruits is a Ugandan-based shipping company specializing in the export of dried fruits from Africa. Founded by a Ugandan national with a German education, the company's goal is to bring the distinct flavors of African dried fruits to Europe and create employment opportunities in Uganda.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of health-conscious people by providing the best sustainable value-added fruits at the best price.


To become a trusted name and get global recognition as an export company in the field of dried fruits trade.

Our Values


We believe in honesty and  strong moral principles.


We ensure openness and good communication.


All employees are evaluated on their behavior.


We ensure careful and persistent work or effort


We encourage persistence in doing work despite and achieving success.


We ensure obedience of the organization’s code of behavior.

How We Work

At Dilis Fruits, the cultivation process is executed with a combination of mechanical and manual labor, ensuring optimal growth of the fruits. Upon maturity, the fruits are meticulously harvested by skilled farmers and undergo thorough preparation for dehydration under strict supervision to guarantee proper hygiene. The dehydration process utilizes solar power to minimize environmental impact. Finally, the dried fruits are packaged in safe containers and prepared for shipment.

Our Team

Dilis Fruits Company is comprised of talented and capable individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to their work and require minimal oversight to perform at their highest level. The team at Dilis Fruits Company is renowned for their exceptional results, strict adherence to quality standards, and ability to meet deadlines effectively. This combination of expertise and dedication contributes significantly to the company’s success and reinforces its position as a leader in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founder of Dilis Fruits Company

Senior Project

Our Edge

World Shipping

Delivered from Uganda in East Africa to your nearest market for your convenience.

Best Quality

Completely organic with no artificial sugars or fumigation, abundant in nutrients.

Best Offers

Most cost-effective, highly affordable with substantial savings.

Secure Payments

Protected from fraud and unauthorized access, financial information is secure.